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On Trade Brains Portal, you can perform the complete fundamental analysis of stocks by looking into all aspects of a company like profitability, liquidity, valuation, efficiency and more, all at one place. Our detailed stock analysis page provides complete financial information of all the Indian publicly traded companies for the last five years, along with simple charts & visualization.

Just plug in the name of stock for which you want to do investment analysis. All the financial information that are necessary for making an intelligent investment decision will be flashed on the screen: Price Charts, Key Metrices, Financial Ratios, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement, Shareholding Pattern, Quarterly results and more.

As the name suggests, through our Stock Screener, you can scan and shortlist the stocks that fits your investment style by applying various parameters you choose while making an investment decision. Using our portal, you can screen winning stocks based on different filters. Apply different parameters to shortlist best ones among over 5,000 publically listed companies in India.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that, rather going through each and every share and testing the set of parameters, you can simply adjust it one time and the rest of the work will be done by our screener with the help of designed filters.

"Buy only when the price is correct, else wait". Stock Watchlist feature on Trade Brains Portal is very crucial for the investors with patience who are willing to make smart investment decisions by keeping an eye on their favourite stocks. These investors only want to trade when the share prices reaches their desired levels

Our portal allows the option of creating multiple watchlists, so that investors can have different sets of watchlists with different objectives like Growth, Dividend, long-term watchlist and more. FREE users can create one watchlist compared to 5 Watchlists available for PREMIUM users.

Compare stocks is exclusive feature of Trade Brains Portal and one of its kind in the stock research eco-system. Through this feature, you can compare stocks within the same or different industry to find out which one is performing best compared to its competitors. Compare stocks feature allows comparision upto 2 stocks for FREE users and upto 5 stocks comparision at one time for the PREMIUM users.

The biggest benefit of this feature is that it saves a lot of time for the investors. Rather than researching individual stocks on different pages, you can research multiple stocks at the same time. It makes investment decisions easier for investors because of the presence of all the essential factor of stock comparative analysis on one page.

Backtest your strategies to find out the returns that you might have got. Test how portfolios would have performed if you've invested in different stocks with varied allocations 5Yrs/10Yrs back, before Demonetization, amid COVID19, or any other desired time frame.

Our Advance portfolio backtesting feature allows you to build one or multiple stock portfolios based on different allocations and backtest the performance. Here, you can look into the absolute returns, CAGR, Portfolio growth, Y-O-Y or M-O-M returns in stocks on these portfolios.

Confused where to begin your stock market investing journey. We have got you covered. Try our stock buckets! Whether you’re looking for Blue chips, dividend stocks, any specific theme to invest, or investigating best investment options in any sector, we’ve got all assembled for you in our stock buckets. We have curated the best companies in different buckets based on our algos to give you a head start in your investment journey

With a collection of over 30 buckets, it is safe to say that the investors are spoilt for choice. Our buckets are designed with various strategies, themes, & sectors keeping in mind what may fit your investment style the best.

In these buckets, you can find out the list of all the publically listed companies of major group houses in India. We have tracked all the big Indian Business houses for your reference. These Business Group includes buckets of stocks for Ambani's, TATA’s, Birla's, Wadia’s, RPG group, Hinduja Group, Vedanta group, etc. In short, check out these buckets and know which Indian Business Group is how big and which Stock exchage traded companies in India they hold.

On Trade Brains Portal, we offer “Custom screens” with pre-filled filters to help investors get started in their stock research journey

Using our popular Custom Screeners, you can find stocks with specifics characteristics and themes like Blue Chip Stocks, Dividend Stocks, Debt Free Stocks, High Growth Stocks, etc which have been filtered using pre defined financial ratios depending on the stock type and quality.

Want to peek into how big stock market investors are making money. Check out our superstart portolio buckets.

Using our Superstar portfolio feature, you can find out the latest portfolio of the super investors in India and look into their investments. Portfolios of Ace Investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Damani, Ashish Kacholia, Porinju Veliyath and many more available. Complete details about their portfolios along with allocated values are available on this portal.

Looking for the portfolio details of a shareholder we have not covered in our Superstar portfolio feature. You can use our Advanced shareholder search.

Simply enter any name/keyword in our Shareholder search bar and find out companies where they hold shares and how much. Our advanced shareholder search tool will look into the latest shareholding pattern of thousands of publically listed companies in India to find the shareholder you are searching for.

We do understand that sometimes investors might want to download the stock data and research further offline. That’s why, on Trade Brains Portal, we allow our premium users export the data in a well-tabulated Excel sheet on different pages link Stock Data, Filiterd Data on Stock Screeners, etc so that they can further research offline too.

Advanced Stock Screener and Save filter is an exclusive feature for our premium members. Use our Advance Stock Screener to find stocks within minutes and save the filters in the query builder.

We allow our premium users to save their favourite screened stocks and the applied filters so that they can access them quickly in future.

Learn the basics to start investing in the Indian stock market through a comprehensive, yet simple course!

'INVESTING IN STOCKS' by Trade Brains Academy is an ultimate course for all the beginners who want to learn Indian stock market investment from scratch. This course will introduce you to the exciting world of the stock market, taking you from the very beginning to teaching you how to create your first stock portfolio successfully.

Frequently asked Questions

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How is Premium useful ?

After becoming a Premium member, all the exclusive features on portal will be unlocked like Stock Buckets, Export to excel, Custom screeners, Unlimited Backtesting and more. Premium will enable you to do quick and comprehensive fundamental stock analysis on our portal.

How can I make a Payment ?

Once you have selected the plan of your preference, you can make payment through your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallet or UPI. A payment receipt will sent on your logged-in email id by Instamojo once the payment is complete.

Can I get a refund ?

No, refund is not avaialble once you’ve made the payment. However, we’ll provide you with premium support and help you in case you’re facing any difficulty using the platform.

Can I change my plan later?

Definitely, you can change your plan later! You can switch from the Basic to the Premium plan at any time. You can also change your billing frequency (monthly, or yearly) at any time.

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