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General FAQs

Portal is a stock research website offered by Trade Brains. This is built to help investors make efficient stock research and analysis by providing quality fundamental data with insightful visuals.

We have built Trade Brains Portal with the simplest UI for the ease of stock research of our users. With Trade Brains Portal, you can find all the important financial information of stocks along with multiple tools to research and analyze companies, all in one place.

Using Trade Brains Portal, you can perform the complete fundamental analysis of any stock listed in the Indian stock market.

Here, you can find all the essential financial details of stock, charts to analyze the financial trends, check the pre-calculated financial ratios, analyze financial statements on quarter and annual results P&L Statements, Balance Sheet, Cashflow statement; compare with peers, get information on the shareholding pattern and other key stock analysis matrices.  

To use Trade Brains Portal, simply search the company name in the TOP search bar, visit the company page and start looking into the company's financials. Further, if you need stock research ideas, you can use the other tools and products provided by us. 

We’re providing many premium products and tools for our users to simplify their stock research journey, which are not available to free users. Here the benefits that you’ll get after subscribing to the PREMIUM plan:

  1. All the features UNLOCKED
  2. Access to our Stock Buckets (Our handpicked categorized stock lists)
  3. Advanced screener with Unlimited Filters use (with export)
  4. Compare up to Five Stocks at once in our stock comparison tool
  5. Superstar Portfolios and Advanced shareholder search
  6. Unlimited Backtesting on our Portfolio Backtesting tool
  7. Import Data in Excel & Many More

In addition, you'll get premium support in solving your stock research difficulties if you're a PREMIUM user. 

You can get the PREMIUM subscription on Trade Brains Portal in three simple steps:

  1. Vising “Pricing” page and select the subscription plan (1 Month or Yearly)
  2. Make payment using your Debit Card/Credit Card/ UPI
  3. Enjoy the PREMIUM access

Note: You'll get instant access to PREMIUM features once the payment is complete

There are multiple payment options available to purchase the premium plan. You can make the payment either by Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Wallet/ UPI

Note: Once the payment is complete, you'll receive a Transaction Receipt on your registered email id. 

Sorry, there won’t be any refund after purchasing the PREMIUM plan. However, if you have any difficulties using the portal, we’ll provide you the premium support to solve that issue. Simply, send your difficulty to (mention your PREMIUM registered email) and we’ll help you out fast.

You can reach Trade Brains Team by sending your feedback/suggestions at or simply by connecting to us on TWITTER.

Stock Market Investing

There are six essential steps that you need to perform to analyze the fundamentals of a company in the Indian stock market. They are really simple, yet effective to find fundamentally healthy companies. Here they go:

You can read this post to understand how to perform a complete fundamental analysis of stocks.

A stock screener is a tool to shortlist few companies from a pool of all the listed companies on a stock exchange using filters. The investors specify the filters and the stock screener gives the results accordingly.

For example, if you want to find a list of companies whose

  1. Market capitalization is greater than 10,000 Cr
  2. The price to earnings is between 10 to 25.
  3. Last 3 years average return on equity is 20%
  4. And the debt to equity ratio is less than 1

Then, you can apply all these filters in a stock screener to get the list of the companies which fulfill the above criteria.

Stock screeners are very useful as they can save you a lot of time. You do not need to go through all the listed companies to shortlist a few good ones. You can just apply the basic filter to get the list of a few good ones that you want to investigate further. Overall, the stock screener will help you to find good-performing stocks according to your specifications with a single click.

Trade Brains Portal provides the best and easiest stock screener to help you screen stocks. Here’s the direct link to Trade Brains Screener.