Sahil Bhadviya is a personal finance coach and consultant. He is the course curator of “Everything about Money Management”. Everything about money management contains 100+ videos covering personal finance, everything about mutual funds and stock market fundamentals. He is also the founder of “ Sahil Bhadviya personal finance academy “, which offers various investor-related services, including a research-based stock portfolio.

Sahil Bhadviya is also the owner of a youtube channel with over 250k subscribers. The motive behind him starting his own youtube channel is to spread financial knowledge and help the investors make an informed financial decision. In the current financial Ecosystem, awareness about personal finance is low, which results in people taking rash investment decisions and losing a substantial chunk of their hard-earned money. Sahil aims to solve this problem through his videos and courses.

Sahil spent 2 years in London at a high paying data analytics job, which he subsequently quit to pursue his dream of spreading financial awareness amongst millions of people in India.