Pawan Kumar Rai is the co-founder of two popular financial initiatives - Finshots and Ditto. Looking into his ventures, Finshots helps people learn about stock market happenings, and Ditto helps people narrow down and pick the best insurance policies.
Pawan comes from the small town of Giridih in Jharkhand. He completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and started his startup directly out of college with his dorm mates. He is a seasoned trader and is extremely passionate about the stock market, a combination of which led to the idea of Finshots.
Finshots is a 3-minute newsletter that delivers the latest and most important finance-related news in a way that makes it easy for the layman to understand. Finshot has over 3,50,000 subscribers and have got a 4.9-star ratings on their app on Google playstore with over 100,000 downloads. Finshot is catering to hundreds of thousands of people and helping them gain a better understanding of the financial climate.
Pawan’s second initiative, Ditto Insurance, was conceived keeping in mind the mission to help users understand insurance better, and make sound decisions when it comes to buying insurances. This startup comes handy as most people have little to no understanding of health and life insurance policies. Going through a million policy documents and narrowing down to selecting one can be quite an overwhelming task. And ditto is here to change that. Ditto insurance has a bright future with a motivated team at the core of it.